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CompanyViene is positioned as a provider of products and services that aim to optimize and simplify the management protocols of its customers

Our Products


VieneRegister is a mobile application for smartphones (Android) designed and developed by our teams. It allows users to record in a secure database useful information about the members of an organization through unique identification QR codes. Initially designed to meet the needs of workforce management in education, it can be adapted to stock or process management applications.

This easy-to-use product allows, thanks to an efficient management of permissions, to assign one or more specific functionalities to a given user according to his role in the organization (Registration, Payment validation, Database status check, Data extraction in an Excel file, QR Code scanning, Card/receipt printing…)

VieneRegister has a robust architecture that allows the product to evolve and adapt to the customer’s needs through its subtle set of Permissions. 

A secure database on the Drive is made available to our customers via this application.

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CoolTrack is a tracking application for parcel delivery. The application facilitates the implementation of a tracking system of the status of the slips. It allows, among other things, to manage the registration, the withdrawals, the invoicing of the parcels or the messaging of the transport operators.

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TMS app


TMS is an application designed to manage passenger tickets for passenger transport. The application allows to facilitate the recording of passengers, the invoicing, or to keep traceability on the trips made.

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Our Services



VieneDesign is a digital service of CompanyViene for the design of corporate graphics, branding, catalog design, advertising design, user experience research, web and mobile application design. This offer is based on the expertise of our international teams and allows us to provide an excellent quality/price ratio to our customers.

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VieneHouse is an architectural and civil engineering service in sustainable construction. The projected ambition is to accompany our clients through assistance and digital simulation in the construction of residential housing combining :

  • Lemperature comfort through room temperature control
  • Self-production of electrical energy via solar panels and thermal energy recovery
  • Controlling construction costs by using local resources and standardizing technical specifications based on digital modeling.

The ambition of the designers is to propose a solution of individual and/or collective housing, at low cost, with a comfort and an optimized quality for the greatest number.

Finally, VieneHouse is part of a dynamic Afro-optimism approach, to integrate the contribution of startups, true catalysts of inclusive and participatory development.

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