Learn more about us?

CompanyViene is a company whose partners are engineers, computer scientists, and experts in various fields of engineering with a long international experience in the new technologies sector. Our partners are distributed in a large network of experts in France, Belgium, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal or DRC.

Our objectives

To provide our customers with simple solutions, optimal in terms of sustainability, to improve their quality of service. The solutions proposed by CompanyViene are intended to be practical, adapted, customizable and SMART. Our ambition is to add value through the recruitment and training of local personnel, while relying on consolidated expertise at the international level


Our vision


Human Development

At the heart of CompanyViene‘s vision, the actions and undertakings initiated by the holding company aim to sustainably improve the well-being and fulfillment of individuals in their social environment through ingenious solutions with high added value.



Inspired by systems that are widespread in most developing countries, Sharing is a mode of operation that allows a group of individuals to improve their living conditions through a better distribution of available goods.



The solutions offered by CompanyViene aim to be usable by all social classes. For this reason, simplicity is a fundamental principle of CompanyViene to allow the widest possible range of users of its products and services.



Each shareholder of CompanyViene is an equal owner of the holding company. However, some providers may be involved at specific levels to bring us their expertise. Equity is a sustainable model that CompanyViene uses to make a positive impact on its customers.



The pursuit of profit and growth are essential to our investment and development strategies. CompanyViene aims to expand geographically in order to establish itself in several target countries, creating value and local jobs.

Our structure


EnerViene is the Design Office of the Holding CompanyViene.

It brings together a vast network of engineers, computer scientists, and technicians with areas of specialization in various sectors and professional experience in large international companies.

EnerViene’s strategy can be described in 3 main steps:

  • A first diagnostic approach (Diagnostic Journey) in which, an analysis of identification of Value Gaps (Points of Improvement) is carried out (As-Is).
  • In a second step, a detailed solution analysis is performed to initiate the Process Improvement.
  • The third and last step consists in the implementation of Solutions adapted to the services and products of our portfolio (Customization & To-Be). 

This last step can pave the way for the implementation of innovative and digital solutions.


VieneBusiness is the financing and project management structure in which CompanyViene engages in the co-development of solutions and products in partnership with external players. It allows project leaders with real added value in the new technologies sector to be supported in terms of management, expertise and project financing.

VieneBusiness also has the role of carrying out the CSR policy of CompanyViene. The platform is responsible for managing donations and support for the most vulnerable. It enables the implementation of CompanyViene’s vision based on its 5 pillars: human development, sharing, simplicity, equity and profitability.

Our team CompanyViene






UX/UI/Graphic App Designer


Front-End Technology Expert

Jean Baptiste MAKAYA

Back-End Technology Expert


IT Architecte

Olivier NGOH

Architectural engineer specialized
in construction/HVAC